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Business Plane Logistics

Business Plane Logistics is more than logistic company, BPL is a problem-solving company. We are supporting our customers with the fastest solution from point A to point B.

Thanks to our international network we are offering a solution for every type of shipment, from small parcels to large items worldwide.

We don’t give standard answers, WE OFFER CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS in order to provide incredible benefits for all our customers during a time-critical situation.

Your emergency is our urgency!


Business Plane Logistics

On Board Courier

Dedicated and personalized service according to customer needs.

We have around 500 professional OBCs available at the main airports in the world that carry the goods to be delivered to the place and time required on board a normal passenger plane.

This service guarantees fast delivery and accurate and safe transport.


We are able to support you for the delivery of goods in a short time via private jets and charters. Within 2 hours we are able to take off, with worldwide coverage.
Transport dimensions and weight are more flexible than transport with standard OBC (31kg).
The package always travels safely together with a professional courier.


We are able to provide fast transport solutions with vans / trucks throughout Europe, offering the best option on the market.
We manage ad hoc solutions for special deliveries and constant logistics of B2B supply chains and e-commerce shipments.


Business Plane Logistics